Customize Cordless Roman Shades, Botanical Bohemian style


Width(Inches): 15-20


Height(Inches): 20-70


Custom Cordless Roman Shades, Botanical Bohemian style, EASY INSTALL, Extra Blackout Lining Available

Presenting our botanical bohemian-style customized cordless roman shades—the ideal combination of sophistication and practicality for your residence. These lampshades are intended to imbue any space with an air of spirited allure and a sense of natural aesthetics.

Principal features:

- Cordless design: Our cordless mechanism offers a streamlined appearance and effortless operation, ensuring both convenience and safety.
Botanical bohemian style: Incorporating unique and artistic qualities into your décor, these hues feature lush botanical patterns that emanate a bohemian ambiance.
- Personalized choices: Adapt your sunglasses to your particular requirements by selecting from an extensive assortment of sizes, fabrics, and hues.
Superior quality: Constructed using premium materials, these coverings provide enduring functionality and durability.
- Energy-conserving: Improve insulation and light management with ease, thereby contributing to the maintenance of a comfortable indoor temperature.
Installation is straightforward, as all required infrastructure is provided, rendering it a trouble-free supplement to any area.

Our botanical bohemian-style cordless roman shades will revolutionize your living space; they are a fusion of artistry and nature. Optimal for achieving a comfortable and fashionable ambiance while appreciating the functional advantages of cordless window treatments.

Easy Installation: Installation hardware of blinds for windows is included & Easy to install(screw, mount bracket)

--Please message us before making a purchase if you plan to order more than 3 sets of curtains, as we offer an additional discount for bulk orders. If you are a designer or builder, please inform us, and we will enroll you in our loyalty program that provides extra discounts.