Our curtains are all made by our own studio, which can meet most of your customization needs. We have a strong network of fabric suppliers, and you can contact our customer service if you have any special fabric requirements. The direct supply model of our studio also ensures that our custom curtains offer the best value for money.


How do I measure my windows for custom curtains

All of the custom window curtains we sell are made to the finished curtain size, and we will bear the additional fabric consumption during the sewing process. For example, Pinch Pleat finished curtains require at least twice the width of the fabric to complete, but you only need to purchase the final size of the finished curtains. We will ensure that enough fabric is used to make the curtains you want.

--To calculate the width of the curtains, we recommend that you calculate based on the width of your curtain track or rod. The finished curtains should be at least 1.2 times the width of the track, and if you want more pleats, the width of the curtains generally does not exceed two times the width of the track.

We recommend purchasing grommet/back tabs/rod pocket curtains with a width of 1.5-2 times the width of your curtain rod for the best pleat effect. For pinch pleat curtains, a width of 1.2-1.5 times the width of your curtain rod will provide the best pleat effect.

--To calculate the height of the curtains, if you do not need the curtains to touch the ground, the height of the curtains is generally the distance from the track or rod to the ground minus 1-1 1/2 inches.

If you have any questions about measuring the size of your curtains, please feel free to contact us or email us at info@lantingcurtains.com.


How long does it take to receive my custom curtains

The current timeline is that we need 5-10 days to fulfill your order and send it to the couriers, who will require an additional 5-10 days for delivery through FedEx, DHL Express, Canada Post, USPS, or another local carrier. If you have any special requirements for shipping times, please feel free to contact us, and we will provide you with the best possible solution based on the actual situation.


Can I cancel or change my order once it's been placed?

If you have purchased custom window curtains, you have a 12-hour window to cancel or modify your order. Within 12 hours, please contact us or email us at info@lantingcurtains.com, and we can cancel or modify your order for you. However, after 12 hours, we will arrange the order to our studio, and the order cannot be canceled or modified.


Can I get a fabric sample before placing an order

Yes, we do provide samples. If you place an order for our custom curtains after purchasing our samples, we will refund the full cost of the samples to you. Please click the sample link below to purchase samples. We can provide a combination of different fabrics and colors, up to a maximum of 5 samples per purchase. We generally provide a sample size of 3X2 inches. If you have specific requirements for the samples, please feel free to contact us at any time.


Are there any size limitations for custom curtains?

The dimensions provided in all product links are limited to the size of a single piece of fabric, but there are no actual size limitations for our custom curtains. We can sew together multiple pieces of fabric to achieve the size you need. If you have any special requirements for extremely wide or long curtains, please contact us, and we will provide you with a custom manufacturing plan and quote.


Adding extra blackout lining

We can almost add extra blackout lining to all curtains. Our blackout lining needs to be purchased together with other custom curtains in the shopping cart. If you have any questions, please contact our customer service in advance.

Our lining can be used with almost any curtain and can achieve a blackout rate of 95-99% when added. The darker the color, the higher the blackout rate. However, curtains with a blackout rate below 60% can only use light-colored liners (this is because darker liners may alter the overall color of the curtains).

To purchase:

If you are purchasing two or fewer curtain panels, you can simply click the link: https://lantingcurtains.com/products/blackoutliner1 and select the same size as your curtains. We will add the corresponding blackout lining when we make your curtains.

If you are purchasing three or more curtain panels, please click on the "Chat with us" button in the bottom left corner to contact our customer service or email us directly at info@lantingcurtains.com. We will provide a bulky discounted quote based on your curtain's dimensions and head style.


Should I wash, dry clean or iron my custom curtains?

We recommend dry cleaning the curtains to ensure that they have a longer lifespan. All our curtains are ironed once before being packaged, but transportation by courier may cause creases. Typically, all curtains will naturally smooth out within 1-2 weeks of hanging. However, you can use a portable steamer to steam them which is the safest option, or iron the curtains at low temperature.


Do you offer any discounts for bulk or large orders?

Bulk Discount Available

At our store, we offer bulk discounts on large orders of window curtains. The more curtains you purchase, the greater the discount you can receive. Read on to discover the different scenarios where you can save money by buying more curtains.

Multiple Curtains Discount

When you purchase multiple curtains, you can receive additional discounts on top of our already low prices. The more curtains you purchase, the higher the discount you can receive.

Customized Home Discount

You can mix and match different types of curtains to fit your home's unique style. Our team of experts can help you choose the perfect combinations, and you can receive a discounted rate on the total purchase.

Designer and Builder Discounts

We welcome partnerships with designers and builders, and offer additional discounts. We understand that you have specific needs and requirements, we are ready to work with you to create the perfect solution for you.


If you are interested in our Bulk Discount, please contact us through the form on the right or the email below, and we will respond within 24 hours. If you would like to receive a quick quote, please make sure to include the following information in your message:

--The curtain fabric you would like to purchase

--The head style you need to match

--The total number of curtains and the size of each curtain

--The zip code of the shipping address

--Any other customization requirements


Enter your details and message below and we'll get in touch asap